Flower Farm and Florist, Glandore, West Cork

Frequently Asked Questions

I grow all the flowers myself  – so quite different!  Everything is picked to order so when you place an order the flowers are still growing in the field.  The selection available is based on what I planted 4 or 6 or 12 months ago and what the weather has been like in the meantime.  So your flowers will always be seasonal, fresh and local. Ruth Fortune Flowers is a small business (mostly just one person) so the picking and arranging of the flowers is just one component of my work.  Its a very important component but all the other jobs to grow the flowers need to be done too.

Ideally 2 working days.  The flowers need to be picked and allowed to sit in water for a certain length of time before arranging.  Also, as mentioned above, advance notice will allow me to manage the other flower growing jobs effectively.  I will always do my best to facilitate last minute requests, especially for sympathy flowers.

My preferred option is for you to collect from my premises in Glandore.  I have a collection area that enables flexibility regarding the collection time so you don’t have to rush. Having said that I am very happy to deliver locally if collection isn’t possible or if you are living outside the area. 

No, I prefer to keep things local (West Cork) If necessary I can recommend other Irish flower growers who courier their flowers nationwide. 

Glandore/Union Hall/Leap/Rosscarbery – Free

Skibbereen – €15 (minimum order amount €50)

Clonakilty – €15 (minimum order amount €50)

Baltimore/Ballydehob – €15 (minimum order amount €50 – Saturday afternoon delivery only)

For deliveries further afield please contact me by phone or email.

Unwrap your flowers and place in a clean vase of fresh water. Personally I don’t add any flower food. Refresh the water every 3 or 4 days and pick out any parts of the bouquet that are wilting. The best way to prolong the life of your flowers is to put them somewhere cool, away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

This is a very important question and the answer could potentially be a long one!  Firstly I am completely open to being asked about it and happy to discuss.  I think it’s a question that all flower buyers should ask and all florists should be willing to answer. 

Flowers like mine (grown locally) significantly cut down on air miles and packaging.  I don’t use pesticides or herbicides and I use peat free compost.  I am committed to improving the soil and aiding biodiversity on my plot.  However there are areas of compromise too e.g. I use plastic based weed barriers and I buy in imported flowers for weddings sometimes.  The environmental impact of imported flowers is quite considerable due to transport, chemical use, and water shortages in hot countries.

Sometimes its just not possible for me to grow all the flowers for a wedding order.  This is the case for larger orders, or where there is a specific colour scheme.  At my scale its not possible to grow enough pale coloured flowers for a given date in April (for example). 

My ideal eco-friendly scenario is a small summer wedding flower order where the couple is flexible about colour scheme.  I can then use the flowers that are at their very best from my flower field, and my flowers are at their most  plentiful in summer.

I understand this isn’t for everyone!  I also order good quality flowers from the Dutch flower markets.  Its still worth discussing seasonality and flower choice as some imported flowers are better than others, in terms of air miles, Fair Trade, and growing practices in other parts of the world.